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A Better Choice for Lightweight, Durable, Surfboards

Our client is an International supplier of sporting goods equipment. By working with our client to design and manufacture Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) Surf Boards, Botech is literally floating new technology in (EPP) Particle Forming research. 

EPP Foam surfboards are an excellent option for new and intermediate surfers looking for an exceptionally high-quality board at a remarkably low price. Foam surfboards are lightweight, soft, and portable, making them easy to transport with little risk of damage. They are also less likely to hurt you if you should accidentally get hit.

Foam Surfboards with High Strength to Weight Ratio

EPP boards have an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio and are highly resistant to water, oil and most chemicals

The Steam Chest Moulding process results in a strong and lightweight board with a high-tech, Shark-Skin dimpled bottom surface designed to reduce drag.

EPP Foam surfboards has steam chest moulding process results in a strong and lightweight board with a high-tech, shark-skin dimpled bottom surface designed to reduce drag.

Botech Best Supplier of EPP Foam Surfboards

Green Method Processing

The Green Method used for processing these boards does not use petrochemicals, but uses CO2 instead, so is very environmentally friendly. EPP Foam Surfboards are also 100% recyclable.

EPP Laminated Surfboards

Lightweight foam EPP materials can also be used along with laminating procedures to produce a wide range of high-quality laminated surfboards. EPP foam can be produced in many colors.

Client Industry Details
Country: International
Location: France
Company Info: Sporting goods equipment retailer

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