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Foam Molding Facilities

Particle Foam Molding for Every Industry

Located in Taiwan covering an area of 38.000 sq.m., Botech continues to grow and expand its particle foam manufacturing capabilities to meet customer’s needs.

Our molding facilities of about 12.000 square meters are properly designed to run multiple production lines for a wide range of industries, such as Automotive, Food Packaging , Sports, Electronics and more.


Supplying Automotive Manufacturers Since 2005

Since 2005, Botech has specialized in the development and process-controlled production of technical moulded components for the automotive industry.

EPP plays an important role on account of its light weight and excellent thermal insulation and energy absorption capabilities. in recent years electric car designs have to be lighter still to minimize the power required to run extended mileage, and Botech’s R&D team continue to partner with well know automotive manufacturers at the forefront of this technology.

Large Protective Packaging for High-end Consumer Industry

Working hand in hand with some of the biggest consumer product manufacturers in Asia we were one of the first to develop Jumbo-size molding machines for LCD industries and other consumer products.

Maintaining the structural Integrity of LCD panels along the production line process is of utmost importance. Botech has many years of experience in the manufacturing and molding of EPP Transportation Cases customized to provide the utmost protection for TFT/LCD panels as they are transported through various locations such as production and or assembly lines.

Molding 100 inch LCD Panel Protective Transport Packaging

Commitment to Quality

We’re 100% committed to quality – a commitment we work at every day, every year.

Our manufacturing facilities are certified by a number of different bodies relating to Environment, Quality Management, and Health & Safety. By obtaining and maintaining these industry leading certifications, we can guarantee our clients that our products and processes are in full compliance with international and national regulations and standards.

Assembly & Packaging

In addition to the development of particle foam products, we offer product assembly services. Our production assembly lines within our warehouse are ready to assemble your product.

We can help to source and develop all parts needed, receive the parts in our warehouse and assemble all parts to your ideal product. All at the same location.

Botech offers product assembly, pre-packing, custom labeling and more. We pride ourselves in offering multiple options for your business and find innovative solutions for your needs under one roof.

Manufacturing Flow Chart

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Marc Lee
Senior Manager at Botech