Product Design

Designing Products for Plastic Forming

Working as a Team

Individualized Solutions

Are you working with a completed design & working prototype or you are still at the beginning stages?

You know your customers, their products and their market better than anyone. That’s why when you come to Botech we work with you as a team.

We bring honest feedback, years of experience and a strong team of motivated individuals that are ready to take your project to the next level.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Together we evaluate not only the production aspects of your project proposal, but we look into the quantity of parts being made, the material being used, the complexity of the surfaces, the tolerances required and whether there are secondary processes required.

With Botech’s wealth of understanding of material properties, and production procedures, often we can suggest enhancements to your product design.

Work with In-house R&D & Mold Making Experts

At Botech, we believe in taking a wholistic approach toward product design. In 2009 Botech reevaluated its approach to R&D and established a new, upgraded R&D Center. Taking advantage of Botech’s in house mold department, Botech integrated all aspects of R&D, from product conception to final product delivery.

Botech provides full R&D assistance to all our clients to guarantee quick and practical solutions that bring out the best in your company’s potential.

Smart Decisions - Improve Cost

The single most constraining aspect of Product Development is cost.

While it’s not cheap to develop, or to prototype, or to manufacture new products, our experience will help in making good decisions along the way.

That’s a big key to Controlling Cost. With our experience and knowledge we’ll help you think through the cost options to find ways of minimizing this aspect of your new development.

Smart Decisions - Improve Cost

ISO9001.2008 Certified

In 2009 Botech received ISO9001.2008 Certification.

What's Next?

Let's work Together!

Working on a new project? Send us a quick message, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Marc Lee
Senior Manager at Botech