EPP (Expanded Polypropylene)

The Backbone of Expandable Plastics

EPP Rising to the Challenge

Expandable plastics have come a long way since the original Expandable Polystyrenes (EPS). Today we have expandable plastics that are much more durable and practical for more demanding applications. While EPS is still widely used for many one-time use applications, such as product packaging, for applications exposed to daily wear and tear EPP is almost always the material of choice.

EPP Offers Unique Solutions

EPP is available in grades necessary for a wide range of applications, based on the technical requirements. High density grades are used for applications where energy management is important, such as automotive bumpers, interior crash pads, footrests and other interior passenger safety components.

Varying densities can be used for seating, stowage systems, door panels, head rests, tool kits and sun visors. In the HVAC (heating, air conditioning and ventilation) sector, low density grades of EPP are used for insulation and equipment housing. Because EPP can be molded into almost any conceivable shape, it is used in many sports and leisure items such as bicycle safety helmets, equipment padding and floor mats.

Practically Indestructible

Commercial and manufacturing settings often require robust packaging for the transport of high-quality products and sensitive electronic equipment throughout the production line.

Transport packaging cases made for repeated use will last almost indefinitely due to EPP’s high structural strength.

Esthetically Pleasing

EPP, commonly colored black for automotive applications and white for packaging products, is also available in vibrant colors. EPP’s moldability allows it to be molded with textured surfaces.

Food Safe and Reliable

EPP’s thermal insulation properties and structural strength make it ideal for food delivery containers and beverage coolers. EPP does not support microbial growth and can be made sterile with steam cleaning.

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Marc Lee
Senior Manager at Botech