Tooling & Prototyping

Innovative Prototyping &
Tooling Services for Particle Foam Applications

Mold Making

From Concept to Production Mold

We have the machining equipment, in-house molding, and staff necessary to help you with the design and production of any prototype parts you might need.

By working closely with our clients, our engineers assure that tooling specifications meet the exact standards that our clients expect. This requires team effort which can only be achieved on site. With a clear understanding of our client’s product requirements, the physical properties of the plastic materials being used, and state of the art tooling processes Botech can assure the integrity of every mold put into production.

This goes a long way in assuring service life and long-term productivity of the mold, assuring maximum savings in the long run.

On-site Maintenance

Modifications, maintenance, and fast repairs are made easily on site, assuring that there are no interruptions during production.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

From small components to jumbo shipping containers, Botech’s product line covers an extensive range of product capabilities. Botech has developed molding techniques that meet the demands of each of these varying applications.

No matter how challenging your project may be, Botech is here to advise you on the right choice for any of your application needs.

Mold Making Flowchart

Particle Foam Manufacturing Experts

Botech’s particle foam manufacturing experts can assist your team in the process of making critical decisions about machines, material, and tooling and providing the support services needed regardless of choice.

For a superior quality prototype or product, we would love the opportunity to help. Send us an email or call to speak with a company representative regarding your project.

What's Next?

Let's work Together!

Working on a new project? Send us a quick message, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Marc Lee
Senior Manager at Botech