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Botech Fifty Years’ Experience in Expanded Plastic Particle Forming

Founded in Taichung, Taiwan in 1968, BOTECH started as a major supplier of EPS packaging materials for the rapidly developing electronics and home appliance manufacturing industries. But that was just the beginning.

Botech has kept its focus on the development of expanded plastics forming, and has made many advancements over the years, specializing in application developments and mold manufacturing.


High-End Expanded Plastics Applications

Starting in the early 90’s Botech shifted their focus to high end products. Taking advantage of the invention of many new expanding plastics materials, Botech designed and developed forming production and manufacturing procedures that have made it possible to bring market a broad range of new expanded plastic products.

Botech has been a world leader in EPP, EPO, ETPU, ETPO and other expanding plastic materials mold forming.

Botech works with manufacturers in industries such as electronics, computers, telecommunications, automotive, sports equipment, bicycles, footwear, aerial photography and others.

Total Solution Services

Through technological cooperation with companies such as ASAHI, JSP, KANEKA and BASF, Botech offers our clients the perfect combination of advanced materials and state of the art production methods.

Botech offers what we call Total Solution Services. Botech is dedicated to bringing this spirit of innovation into the future, to make new products that will continue to improve lives for all.


“For over half a century, we have concentrated on one thing only.”
Expanded Plastics Particle Forming.

Developed Jumbo-size molding machines for LCD industries and consumer products.


Added new molding machines for Automotive Industry.

R&D Center established, providing full services to clients. ISO9001.2008 Certification approved.


Added new molding machines for Automotive Industry.

Implemented ERP System and Digitized Board Management. ISO9001.2000 Certification approved.


Added customized molding machines for large-size automotive absorption and mechanical parts.

Facilities fully renewed, specializing in EPP and EPE materials.


Cooperation with JSP in producing EPP applications.

Cooperation with ASAHI in producing MEF/ EPE applications.


EPP high-pressure molding machines and impregnation tanks installed.

Self-developed molding techniques, producing EPP/ EPE applications.


New Waterless Vacuum EPS molding machines installed.

First in Taiwan, Central Vacuum System is installed.


All molding machines fully renewed.

BOTECH founded in Taichung, Taiwan.


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Marc Lee
Senior Manager at Botech