Our Partnership

Understanding the Need, Knowing the Solutions

In the plastics industry, not only understanding the final product application is important, but understanding the materials that that product will be made of is crucial to bringing a product to market that is going to meet its maximum potential in quality and performance.

Our Suppliers are our Partners

At Botech, we have very close working partnerships with our materials suppliers. Along with our clients, we can work together with our suppliers to fully understand the goals of each project, and assure the very best materials are used for the application, while also seriously considering the most cost-effective solutions.

Companies like ASAHI, JSP, KANEKA and BASF are our global strategic partner in business, market, applications and information sharing

Don’t be Afraid to Try Something New

Innovation is what successful businesses thrive on. We are not afraid to try new things.

What's Next?

Let's work Together!

Working on a new project? Send us a quick message, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Marc Lee
Senior Manager at Botech