EPP for Aerial Photography and Surveillance Drones




EPP: An Extremely Strong yet Lightweight Solution for Aerial Photography

Our client develops and manufactures agricultural surveillance drones. In the design of drones for aerial surveillance and photography, the exceptionally high strength to weight ratio of EPP is of paramount importance.

Working with our client to maximize efficiency, together we were able to design an incredibly light drone that could carry a 24 million-pixel camera with a flying time of up to 70 minutes. With this combination, this drone is able to photograph up to 1,800 hectares in single sortie.

Integrating Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) with Carbon Fibers for a Complete Solution

Considering a broad range of factors that affect the structure, strength, and aerodynamics of drones, Botech was able to work with the client to provide a design that met all the stringent safety requirements of the product as well as provide maximum stiffness (resistance to flexing) and the lighter weight needed for longer flight durations.

Surveillance drone has integrated Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) with carbon fibers for a complete solution.
Client Industry Details
Country: Taiwan
Location: Central Taiwan
Company Info: Manufacturer of Aerial Photography and Surveillance Drones.

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Marc Lee
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