Applications In Automotive

Plastic foaming has been using on automobiles for it good performances in energy absorption, vibration-proof, thermal insulation, and acoustic absorption. Nowadays, environmentally-friendly issues and pedestrian safety have became more emphasized on automotives, car manufactures are implying more plastic foaming in their designs. EPP applications not just provide well in safety reasons, such as energy-absorption and anti-flaming, but also be close by it’s extremely light weight an 100% recyclability.

Car accident can not be predicted, or be calculated in factors like time, weather, or the source of impact-forces. Therefore, the quality and stability of the material chosen in automotive has became the criteria. EPP applications can provide good absorption, heat resistance, and chemical resistance from a single material.

An automotive console contains most of electronic parts inside, that a bad assembling process and internal-mechanical vibrations would influence the quality of the ride. Along with the improving applying technology and higher expectation from consumers, EPP material has been starting to apply in the design in automotive console. EPP material can singly provide structural strength, acoustic insulation, shaping, and protection purposes by itself. Currently, this method has been applied on the high end German automobiles, yet it will be more wisely used on others in the soon future.

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