Environmental Sustainability is our Future

A Healthy World Means a Bright Future

It cannot be denied that plastics have gotten a pretty bad reputation over the years, and justifiable so. During their early development, not a lot was known about their detrimental effects to health and the environment. But all that has changed.

As plastics were being developed, they brought about many improvements in living standards. Early research was focused mainly on function and the vast range of applications where plastics could be used. However that has changed a lot over the past few decades, and a lot of advancements have been made in the plastics industry to address these issues and focus more on health aspects.

Clean Manufacturing & Recyclable Materials

At Botech, we make a conscious effort to use the most advanced manufacturing methods to practically eliminate the effect on the environment and in turn health.

Eliminating the use of hydrocarbons in the manufacturing process, and replacing with non polluting processes and using plastics that can be easily recycled, ensures a clean world and healthy environment where we can continue to enjoy the conveniences which we have all grown so much to enjoy.

Eco-design Engineering

At Botech we continually strive to lower our CO2 emissions by considering and actively minimizing the environmental impact of a product across its entire lifecycle. This is commonly known as ‘eco-design’ or the ISO/TR 14062 standard for environmental management in product design.

Sustainability in Our Manufacturing Processes

Considering factors such as the amount of energy and materials consumed in production we have made radical changes to our manufacturing processes over the years. All of our machines are custom made in house and we continually invest time and resources to reducing energy waste during production.

Transparent & Traceable

The key is transparency: It is our aspiration to make all processes transparent and traceable. Working together with our international clients we actively report and gather data truly focusing on how our products and manufacturing by-products may impact biodiversity.

Going forward we will continue to research and invest in alternative processes, systems or materials to minimise our impact.

ECO Design Engineering
Sustainability in Manufacturing
Recyclable Materials

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Marc Lee
Senior Manager at Botech