Particle Foam Engineering

Botech Innovation in Particle Forming

We are a leading foam converter specializing in EPS, EPP, EPE, ETPU and many other materials.

We provide complete turn key solutions from inception, to prototype, to mass production, to assembly – on site – with Superior Quality.

Foam Applications

Finding the Right Particle Foam

Particle foams are the materials of the future.
Defined as lightweight, robust, insulating and shock-absorbing, their low initial costs and easy recyclability make them invaluable to the performance and success of your products.

Application-Oriented Solutions

Choosing the right materials and design can be critical.
At Botech we offer immediate application-oriented solutions and close collaboration throughout the development process.

Particle Foam Materials

Knowledgeable Materials Converters

We are experienced in the varieties and capabilities of particle foams.

Our team will guide your engineers in selecting , sourcing and identifying the most cost-efficient fabrication process to create the finished part.

The Latest Advanced Materials

Through long term partnerships with world class material suppliers such as ASAHI, JSP, KANEKA, and BASF we are among the first to test new advanced materials.

Particle Foam Industries

Automotive & Packaging

We supply new lightweight components for the automotive industry, complex, ergonomic, & fully recyclable solutions for packaging, and many more custom components for
a wide range of industries.

Leasure & Sports - The Future

In recent years Botech has worked with top players in the rapidly expanding
leisure and sports industry.

Our quality & excellent service set’s us apart from the competition placing us as leaders in this field.