ARCEL™️ and Neo EPO

ARCEL™️ and Neo EPO

Low Cost Alternatives to EPP

While EPP is usually the material of choice for applications exposed to extensive daily wear and tear, for less demanding conditions, a lower cost alternative may be desired. Sometimes a strong material is needed in a situation where the material may not necessarily be exposed to repeated wear and tear. For example, for packaging for heavy duty equipment that is going to be stored; the material must be strong, but it may not be exposed to abrasion. Here a low cost alternative to EPP like ARCEL™️ or Neo EPO is a good choice.

EPO Packaging and Transport Boxes

ARCEL EPO is an expandable Polyethylene/styrene interpolymer. It is more robust than EPS, and maintains most of the properties of EPP.

It is generally not used for food applications, but is often used for transport boxes.

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