ETPO Elastomer-rich thermoplastic polyolefin

ETPO (Elastomer-rich Thermoplastic Polyolefin) blend is the material of choice for Bicycle Saddle Padding

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After consulting with our material suppliers, Botech determined that ETPO blends would be the ideal material in the manufacturing of bike saddles for two reasons. When compared to EPP it was clear that ETPO could be blended to not only be much softer, but have a much slower rebound rate.

This meant that ETPO would provide a good balance between energy absorption and a slow rebound rate, giving a more comfortable ride ever extended periods of time.

ETPO Bicycle Saddles from Botech designed with it to be fabricated using extrusion and injection molding techniques to maximize impact strength and toughness.

Improved impact strength and fracture resistance.

As its name suggests, ETPO is Elastomer-rich. This indicates that the content of ETPO’s elastomer resin and nanoparticles can be varied to give the stiffness, strength and fracture resistance that best suits the application need.
ETPO is low cost, light weight, highly water resistant, completely recyclable and is non-toxic. It does not contain toxic halogens such as fluorine and chlorine.

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Marc Lee
Senior Manager at Botech